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Chasing EL Wire
3VDC Inverter
6VDC Inverter
12VDC Inverter
100-240VAC Inverter
        There are two kinds quality level of chasing EL wire: standard quality and top quality.  Standard quality, with
standard brightness, general stock specification: dia=0.9 mm, color: blue; dia= 2 mm, color: lime, blue, pink, green,
purple, orange, red, water-blue, ice-blue, blue-green (welted);  top quality is the top brightness chasing EL wire in
the world, the  top quality and top brightness in the world,  the general stock specification: dia=3.5 mm, color:  blue,
aqua, lime, red, 3colors chasing ( lime + aqua + pink ). Motion EL wire, moving EL wire.
        Inverter: chasing ( motion ) EL wire could power by 3VDC, 6VDC, 12VDC, and 100-240VAC based on
different lengths and quality level of chasing EL wire, also could adjust the chasing speed freely from the inverter.
        Application: car decoration atmosphere lamp, Christmas tree lighting, stage light, music dancing costumes,
KTVdecoration, indoors decoration, motorbicycle atmosphere lamp, cosplay, model set flowing performaces etc.
        Generally it is round wire ( shape ) in stock, any shape could be customized. More details please contact our
 sales department:, contact person: Albert Cheng, 24 hours hotline: +86-15889603780

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